I Create Video, Photography, Web Sites, Graphics while offering Marketing and IT Support Services. With 20 years of experience; quality and real world results are my focus. Utilizing Rich Media Content with the most effective methods of reaching and engaging your target demographic. Helping you build a loyal customer base and working to maintain a positive and proactive public image to help you grow your business while utilizing the best equipment available for your needs.

  • Photography: Realty, Restaurants, Journalism, Event Coverage, Business Marketing, Websites & More.
  • Video: Video recording & editing solutions for various digital media distribution platforms.
  • Web Design: Utilizing Content Management Systems to create High impact, Effective and Useful Websites (Lead Capture, Integrated Client Relationship Management, Blog posts Distributed to Social Networks giving new customers to ways to can connect with your business.)
  • Graphic Design: Creating a Brand Synergy for that instant recognition with your loyal and growing customer base within websites, posters, flyers, events, banner and more.
  • IT Support: Understanding the inner workings of the underlying technology that we rely on is critical. Computer Repair, Network Infrastructure, Technology Implementation, Electronics and so on. This knowledge and ongoing research will help find the most effective technology and provide support to ensure smooth operation of your business.

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